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Zep: Fast, scalable building blocks for LLM apps

Chat history memory, embedding, vector search, data enrichment, and more.

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What is Zep?

Zep is an open source platform for productionizing LLM apps. Zep summarizes, embeds, and enriches chat histories and documents asynchronously, ensuring these operations don't impact your user's chat experience. Data is persisted to database, allowing you to scale out when growth demands. As drop-in replacements for popular LangChain components, you can get to production in minutes without rewriting code.

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Zep TypeScript / JavaScript Client

This is the TypeScript / JavaScript client package for the Zep service. For more information about Zep, see https://github.com/getzep/zep


npm install @getzep/zep-js

Zep cloud Installation

In order to install zep js sdk with zep-cloud support, you will need to install a pre-release version tagged with @next.

npm install @getzep/zep-js@next

You will also need to provide a Zep Project API key to your zep client for cloud support. You can find out about zep projects in our cloud docs

Using langchain zep classes with zep-js@next:

In the pre-release version zep-js sdk comes with ZepChatMessageHistory, ZepVectorStore and ZepMemory classes that are compatible with Langchain's JS expression language

In order to use these classes in your application, you need to make sure that you have langchain package installed:

npm install langchain@^0.1.23

You can import these classes in the following way:

import { ZepChatMessageHistory, ZepVectorStore, ZepMemory } from "@getzep/zep-js/langchain"